The Department of Horticulture was established in 1993. Department offers a 4-year B.Sc. (Agri.) Hons degree in Horticulture. The Department consists 02 subject experts, both teachers are professionally skilled in the field of fruits, vegetables and floriculture. The Department of Horticulture is one of the most important disciplines of agriculture. The production and returns from horticultural crops are high as compared to other crops. The horticultural crops, fruits, vegetables and flowers possess export potential to earn foreign exchange. The Department of Horticulture imparts quality education to the students of Sindh. The Department conduct research on fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. The department provides advisory services to the fruit and vegetable growers. The research on problems faced by farming community is also going on with the involvement of graduate students.


To educate and train the students of Horticulture by teaching various courses of Horticulture, conducting high caliber research and development and adoption of innovative technologies. To provide educational opportunities for the pursuit of careers in horticulture. To conduct research for the improvement of quality of horticultural products to achieve export quality fruits and vegetables. To strengthen the competitive position of Sindh’s horticulture industry.


Graduates from this Department can find employment in Academic, Provincial as well as Federal Government Sectors, including Public Parks and Garde Agricultural Extension, Research, Zarai Tarqiati Bank of Pakistan (ZTBP), Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Fruit Preservation and Food Industries. Their services can also be utilized in Forestry, Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Federal Seed Certification Department (FSCD), Seed Corporations, EPA, SCARP, Sindh Sugar Corporation, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and others commercial banks. Talent Pool and agriculture consultancy firms are some of the alternatives where they can excel with the talent they have harnessed.


CODE                        TITLE OF COURSE                                   CREDIT HOURS


HORT-302                  Introductory Horticulture                                              3(2+1)


HORT-401                  Horticultural Crop Production                                       3(2+1)


HORT-501                   Principle of Fruit Production                                         3(2+1)

HORT-503                   Principle of vegetable production                               3(2+1)

HORT-505                   Principle of ornamental production                              3(2+1)

HORT-507                   Propagation and Nursery Management                        3(2+1)

HORT-509                   In Vitro Propagation                                                         3(2+1)

STAT-511                    Elementary Statistics                                                          3(2+1)


HORT-502                   Temperate Fruits                                                          3(2+1)

HORT-504                   Winter Vegetables                                                        3(2+1)

HORT-506                   Landscape Horticulture                                              3(2+1)

HORT-508                   Post Harvest Horticulture                                          3(2+1)

CP-510                        General Biochemistry                                                    3(2+1)


HORT-601                   Research Methods in Horticulture                                  3(2+1)

HORT-603                   Tropical and sub-Tropical Fruits                                    3(2+1)

HORT-605                   Commercial Flower Production                                       3(2+1)

HORT-607                   Summer Vegetables                                                            3(2+1)

HORT-611                   Solancous Crop

(SUPPT)                                                                                                                        3(2+1)


HORT-602                   Business Management in Horticulture                            2(2+0)

HORT-604                   Protected Horticulture                                                        3(2+1)

HORT-606                   Vegetable and Flower Seed Production                          3(2+1)

HORT-610                   Internship and Report Writing                                         4(0+4)


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