The soil provides essential nutrients and physical support to the plants we harvest for food, fiber, wood, and fuels. Soil provides critical ecosystem services. This vital resource is paramount to humankind. The Department of Soil Science addresses many important roles of soil through teaching and research programs.

This department was initially established as the Department of Agricultural Chemistry in 1926 and renamed as Department of Soil Science in late 1970’s to focus on better education and research in the fields of soil, water and environmental sciences. The department has well-established Soil Fertility Research and a Biosaline Agriculture laboratory in addition to two other common use laboratories and a pot house for conducting experiments. The teaching staff is highly qualified consisting of 13 subject experts of whom 12 are Ph.D. and 01 are M.Sc. The department has produced hundreds of graduates and post-graduates including 10 PhDs At present several graduates and postgraduates are enrolled in the department.

The Department of Soil Science conducts basic and applied research through its faculty and postgraduate scholars. In short the department is playing a dominant role in HRD and R&D activities in the field of soil and environmental sciences. The department has strong links with several national & international bodies actively involved in soil and environmental research.


  • Our aim is to develop and apply basic knowledge of soil and environmental sciences for efficient management of environment tally safe soil, plant and water with following specific objectives.
  • Prepare outstanding individuals with an ability to understand & apply fundamental principles of soil & environmental sciences and conduct useful basic and applied research.
  • Focus on the study of interaction between soils and chemicals both organic and inorganic in the environment.
  • Improve methods used in soil, plant, water and fertilizer analyses.


Name Qualification Designation Detailed Profile Email
Inayatullah Rajpar Ph.D. (UK), Post Doc. (Malaysia) Professor & Chairman [email protected]
Allah Wadhayo Gandahi Ph.D. (SAU) Professor [email protected]
Mehrunisa Memon PhD (Germany) Professor [email protected]
Zia-ul-hassan Shah Ph.D. (UAF) Professor and Director ORIC [email protected]
Muhammad Saleem Sarki Ph.D. (Malaysia) Associate Professor
Saleem Maseeh Bhatti Ph.D. (New Zealand) Associate Professor [email protected]
Khalid Hussain Talpur Ph.D. (China) Associate Professor [email protected]
Ghulam Murtaza Jamro Ph.D. (Canada) Associate Professor [email protected]
Anila Mastoi M.Sc. (Agri.) Hons Assistant Professor [email protected]
Naheed Akhtar Talpur Ph.D. (Germany) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Shoukat Ali Abro Ph.D. (China) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Muhammad Siddique Lashari Ph.D. (China) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Saima Kalsoom Babar Ph.D. (Malaysia) Assistant Professor [email protected]