The department exists with the contemporary name “Animal Products Technology” since 2010; previously it was named as “Dairy Technology”. Animal Products Technology consists of Milk Processing Lab, Dairy / Meat Chemistry Lab, Dairy / Meat Microbiology Lab and a modern Slaughterhouse (Demonstration Unit). The prime focus of research is quality and safety of milk, meat and their products. The resulting outcomes of the research are applied to educate students by adding results in their syllabus, aware industry through scientific literature and to aware common people through organizing seminars. In addition to that the trainees may get start their own dairy business to improve the livelihood of their families which adds in poverty alleviation. The department offers various courses at undergraduate and post-graduate levels meeting the requirement of Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council.

APT-302 Dairy Technology 2(1+1)
APT-401 Meat Hygiene and Public Health 2(1+1)
APT-403 Milk Hygiene and Public Health 2(1+1)
APT-501 Meat and Slaughter by Products Technology 3(2+1)