Department of Animal Reproduction was established in the year 1984 under the project “Establishment of Department of Animal Reproduction” at Faculty of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Sciences. The project was institutionalized by the University in the year 1988. Our fully accredited department emphasizes a balanced educational approach in various aspects like reproductive clinical medicine, teaching, research and reproductive clinical services to farmers through our teaching veterinary clinic. Our academic vision focuses on preparing our graduate and postgraduate students as specialists in veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, andrology, reproductive endocrinology, artificial insemination and reproductive biotechnology. This department provides a potential place for internship program for DVM students, field veterinarians, livestock assistants, progressive livestock farmers and other livestock stakeholders. The Department has remained a constant source of short trainings and refresher courses to the field veterinarians, para-vet staff and CLEWs of various NGOs offered in collaboration, the department is continuously providing services of short trainings/courses with collaboration of Washington State University, USA, World Bank assisted projects, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Kenya to train the manpower and improve the socio-economic status of livestock community. Department of Animal Reproduction also working with many other national and international organizations and institutes including Germany, Portugal to avail the technical services to train the students, veterinarians, livestock farmers and related potential persons in field of animal reproduction and use of recent technologies in small and large livestock species for betterment of livestock community through various trainings and workshops. This department provides the clinical services of diagnosis, treatment and consultancy services through team of experts to livestock farmers and related stakeholders. Department of Animal Reproduction maintaining good number of pure indigenous breeds of livestock at its animal farm for dissemination of germ plasm of these animals: a step towards to the protection of threatening indigenous pure breeds.

We are looking forward to utilize the available infrastructure for establishment of “Center of Excellence in Animal Reproduction” in future for betterment of livestock production and reproduction with major emphasis to establish a world class reproductive clinic with modern facilities of hormonal analysis, molecular level detection/diagnosis of reproductive disorders/diseases and treatment for teaching, research and services to livestock community.

A.REP-202/302 Physiology of Reproduction & Artificial Insemination 3(2+1)
A.REP- 401 Reproductive Biotechnology 3(2+1)
A.REP- 402 Obstetrics and Genital Diseases 4(3+1)
A.REP- 403 Reproductive Clinic-I 2(0+2)
A.REP- 404 Reproductive Clinic-II 2(0+2)
A.REP- 503 Reproductive Clinic-III 2(0+2)