Plant Breeding is concerned with the evolution of superior varieties of crops. Its mainstay is the genetic adjustment of crop plants to social, economic and technological aspects of the environment. The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics was established in 1954. Since then, the department has been offering courses, research methodologies related to crop improvement, cytology, cytogenetics, biometry, quantitative genetics, molecular genetics and genetic engineering leading to B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. (Hons) degrees. The department is also offering advanced courses and research guidance to Ph.D. scholars. During the past 61 years, the department has produced more than 730 well trained graduates, who have been serving various organizations at provincial, national and international level. Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty, well equipped laboratories and experimental farm for undertaking research projects. Recently, the department has established a “Seed Production and Development Centre” which will not only improve and strengthen seed supply system of province but also serve as major income generating unit for the university.


The Department’s overall aim is to focus on the improvement of quantitative and qualitative traits of cereal, fiber and oilseed crops, production of model crop videotapes suitable for cultivation in different agro-environments of the Sindh province and ultimately, development of technology package to enhance the capabilities of farmers for various crops. The specific objectives are:

Impart academic and research training at under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate levels in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetics.

Plan and undertake basic and applied research on cereals and other major crops.

Produce quality seed of wheat, cotton and vegetable crops for distribution to farmers of province.

Establish linkages with provincial, national and international research and educational organizations to undertake collaborative assignments.

Development/evolution of genetically improved cultivars/hybrids and breeding material.

Improve quantitative and qualitative traits of crop species.



PBG-501 Genetics of Crop Plants 3(2+1)
PBG-503 Breeding of Field Crops 3(2+1)
PBG-505 Cytogenetics 3(2+1)
PBG-507 Methods in Genetics & Biometry 3(2+1)
PBG-509 Reproductive System of Crop Plants 3(2+1)
STAT-511 Elementry Statistics 3(2+1)
PBG-502 Breeding of Maize, Millet and Sorghum 3(2+1)
PBG-504 Breeding of Oilseed Crops and Tobacco 3(2+1)
PBG-506 Non-Conventional Approaches to Crop Improvement 3(2+1)
PBG-508 Molecular Genetics 3(2+1)
CP-510 General Biochemistry 3(2+1)
PBG-601 Breeding for Cereal Crops 3(2+1)
PBG-603 Breeding for Pulse Crops 3(2+1)
PBG-605 Breeding of Fodder and Forage Crops 3(2+1)
PBG-607 Experimentation 3(2+1)
SUPT-611 Supporting Course 3(2+1)
PBG-602 Breeding of Sugar Crops 2(1+1)
PBG-604 Breeding of Fibre Crops 3(2+1)
PBG-606 Biodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources 3(2+1)
PBG-610 Internship and Report Writing 4(0+4)