The history of the Department of Entomology dates back to the beginning of formal agricultural education and research in Sindh, through the establishment of King George V Institute of Agriculture at Sakrand in 1939. With the up gradation of the Institute to Agriculture College and its shifting to Tandojam, the department remained its vital component. Later on in 1965, the department started B.Sc Agri. (Hons) degree in the field of Entomology. Presently, being an important component of the Faculty of Crop Protection, the Department offers a 4-year B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Entomology. In addition, it has a very strong post graduate program offering M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree programs. The department has all basic facilities of teaching such as class rooms, 4 research laboratories, including; Stored Grain Pests Research Laboratory, Insect Molecular Laboraotry, Insect Systematic Laboratory, Insect Museum, Insect Biological Control Laboratory, experimental field and library. The Department is actively involved in basic and applied research financed by various national and international donors. Department provides free agricultural extension services to the farming community and organizes short courses, trainings/ workshops for farmers, students, NGO’s, Agriculture extension and research workers.

ENT-301 Introductory Entomology 3(2+1)
ENT-402 Applied Entomology 3(2+1)
ENT-501 Insect Morphology 3(2+1)
ENT-503 Principles of Insect Taxonomy 3(2+1)
ENT-505 Insect Ecology 3(2+1)
ENT-507 Insect Pests of Household, Man & Animals 3(2+1)
ENT-509 Insect Behavior 3(2+1)
AHV-501 Animal Husbandry 3(2+1)
ENT-502 Insect Physiology 3(2+1)
ENT-504 Insect Biodiversity and Evolution 3(2+1)
ENT-506 Agricultural Pests & their Management 3(2+1)
ENT-508 Beneficial insects 3(2+1)
STAT-514 Biostatistics 3(2+1)
ENT-601 Integrated Pest  Management 3(2+1)
ENT-603 Plant Resistance to Insect Pests 3(2+1)
ENT-605 Insecticides and their Application 3(2+1)
ENT-607 Range and Forest  Entomology 3(2+1)
ENT-611 Insecticides and Public Health (For Non-Major) 3(2+1)
ENT-602 Agricultural & Environmental Pollution 3(2+1)
ENT-604 Biological Control  of Insect Pests 3(2+1)
ENT-606 Scientific Writing and Presentation 2(1+1)
ENT-610 Internship / Project 4(0+4)