Horticulture is one of the most important disciplines of agriculture. The production and returns from horticultural crops are high as compared to other crops. The horticultural crops, fruits, vegetables and flowers possess export potential to earn foreign exchange.

The Department of Horticulture imparts quality education to the students of Sindh and Balochistan provinces and conduct research on fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. The department consists 8 subject experts from which 6 Ph.D. teachers are professionally skilled in the field of fruits, vegetables and floriculture. The Department of Horticulture offers bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs to meet the trained manpower needs of the province. Apart from this, the department imparts trainings in various aspects of horticulture. A program to provide quality fruits, vegetables and flowers with true type varieties is also on going. Seed production program on flowers and vegetables have been initiated at the department. Postharvest processing, packaging and marketing to improve the infrastructure and opportunities for the farmers, breading of horticultural crops to develop new high yielding varieties and the In-vitro propagation for vegetative multiplication of plants are some of the other steps in line. The department provides advisory services to the fruit and vegetable growers. The research on problems faced by farming community is also going on with the involvement of graduate and postgraduate students. .


The main objective is to train both undergraduate and postgraduate students in production, postharvest techniques improvement, storage, processing and marketing of horticultural crops produces as well as in landscape and aesthetic environmental impact. The specific objectives are: .

• Provide educational opportunities for the pursuit of careers in horticulture.

• Improve the quality, variety, and the availability of horticultural products to achieve global gap certification for export.

• Strengthen the competitive position of Sindh’s horticulture industry.

• Popularize high density planting concept for achieving higher & quality production of mango.

• Develop technology for production of certified stock and saplings.