Agriculture is the world’s largest and most important industry feeding and clothing an ever growing population of the world. However, nowadays agriculture is worldwide adopting new technologies such as micro irrigation methods, Global Positioning System (GPS) supported by water regulation and farm mechanization, laser leveling, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (satellite technology) for estimation of soil salinity, availability of water in channels, canals, rivers, dams etc, food intensity, crop water requirements, pest management, cropped area, crop health and yield in order to keep pace with growing demand for food and fiber. Thus, latest technologies for sustainable agriculture can be transferred, operated by an Agricultural Engineer.

Agricultural Engineering has tremendous potential to improve the quality and lifestyle of common people by increasing viability and profitability of production, post production and other rural and urban enterprises and by enhancing labor productivity, reducing drudgery, improving welfare and designing appropriate health and safety intervention. Agricultural Engineering can also contribute to increase output by reducing pre and post production losses through enhanced harvesting, handling and processing. Soil and water resources can be managed by better engineering applications.

Looking into the needs of the people, an Agricultural Engineering College can serve people of upper Sindh in particular and the entire Sindh in general. The college imparts the Agricultural Engineering and Technological based knowledge to the rural masses of Sindh and produces high quality trained manpower for successful implementation of agro based developmental programs.

The Khairpur College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology is one of the constituent colleges of the Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam. This is the first college of its kind to cater the needs of Sindh in Agricultural Engineering aspects. It is established on 23 acres abandoned land along old National Highway near IBA Community College, Khairpur Mir’s.

The college of Agricultural Engineering is established with an aim to take leadership role in the promotion of technological challenges and their management for sustainable agriculture development in the province of Sindh in particular and the country at large by imparting high quality education, productive research and outreach activities. The college will work initially for the refinement of vision and skills of graduates in the field of agricultural engineering. Later on, the post graduate professionals with distinction in the field of irrigation, drainage, water resources management, mechanized agriculture through modernized farm machinery & power, renewable and non-renewable energy resources management, and postharvest technology and food processing engineering graduates will be produced.



  • Produce quality engineering graduates needed for Agriculture and Agro-industrial development of country. Advance the frontier of knowledge in engineering and generate technologies in support of the Agri-enterprise development thrust of the country.
  • Promote the utilization of useful technologies by proper clientele effectively practice agricultural engineering in the areas of farm power and machine systems, soil and water and natural resources management.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental engineering skills and technical knowledge as well as professional and personal skills appropriate for their profession.
  • Prepare what to this for future challenges and opportunities in agricultural engineering through the application and discovery of knowledge.
  • Organize short courses/trainings on design of Agricultural Machinery, Testing of Agricultural Machinery, Manufacturing Technology of Agricultural Machinery, Tractor Operation, Maintenance of agriculture implements; conduct on-job training programs and refresher courses on land and water management strategies, Tube well operation and maintenance, Computer Aided Designs, focus on the low cost farm housing, food and fruit processing, utilization, marketing, and postharvest technology.
  • Offer consultancy services to national and international organizations on projects of national importance.

Degree Program offered


  • B.E (Agri)