The Department of Plant Protection was established in 1977 with the advent of Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Pakistan. It is one of the most important disciplines of agriculture with a mission to develop and undertake educational and research programs that foster the creation and adoption of agricultural plant protection systems that are profitable, environmentally sound and sustainable. Through its qualified graduates, it plays a pivotal role in providing technical backstopping to agricultural research and extension systems. The department also imparts training / education in community IPM through the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach.

The Department offers B.Sc. Agri. (Hons.) degree in Plant Protection. In addition, it has a very strong postgraduate program offering M.Sc. Agri. (Hons.) and Ph.D. degrees in Plant Protection. The academic programs are designed to equip the students with new techniques and principles of crop protection in order to improve crop management to be translated in a socially viable, competitive and profitable agriculture for the farmers. The faculty members are actively engaged in different research programs, funded by national and international organizations. To facilitate the postgraduate students, three laboratories i.e., IPM Laboratory, Plant Diseases Diagnostic & Research Laboratory and Biocontrol Laboratory have set up which are moderately equipped. The practical trainings emphasize identification of agriculturally useful natural enemies (insects and micro-organisms) and mass production of biological control agents for field application. The department aims to introduce organic farming in order to rationalize the use of pesticides to conserve the environment, irrigation, soil and to minimize the health hazards.

Jan Muhammad Mari Ph.D.  (SAU) Professor & Chairman
Abdul Ghani Lanjar Ph.D. (SAU) Professor
Abdul Mubeen Lodhi Ph.D. (KU) Professor
Imtiaz A. Nizamani Ph.D.  (SAU) Associate Professor
Muhammad Ali Khanzada Ph.D. (KU) Associate Professor
Muahmmad Ibrahim Khaskheli Ph.D.  (China) Associate Professor
Khalid Hussain Qureshi M.Sc. (Agri.) Hons Assistant Professor
Sajjad Hussain Khuhro Ph.D. (China) Assistant Professor (IPFP)
Abdul Waheed Solangi Ph.D (China) Assistant Professor (IPFP)
Sayed Sohail Shah Ph.D (China) Assistant Professor (IPFP)

PPT-401 Fundamentals of Plant Protection 3(2+1)
PPT-402 Introduction to Pest Management 3(2+1)
PPT-501 Insect Classification 3(2+1)
PPT-503 Pests of Field Crops 3(2+1)
PPT-505 Plant Nematology 3(2+1)
PPT-507 Pest Ecology 3(2+1)
PPT-509 Introductory Acarology 3(2+1)
AHV-501 Animal Husbandry 3(2+1)
PPT-502 Introduction to Weed Science 3(2+1)
PPT-504 Pests of Fruits, Vegetables & Ornamentals 3(2+1)
PPT-506 Principles of Plant Disease Management 3(2+1)
PPT-508 Pesticides & their Application Techniques 3(2+1)
PPT-514 Biostatistics 3(2+1)
PPT-601 Principles of Plant Protection 3(2+1)
PPT-603 Biological Control 3(2+1)
PPT-605 Vertebrate Pest Management 3(2+1)
PPT-607 Post-harvest Pest Management 3(2+1)
PPT-611 Field IPM (For Non-Major) 3(2+1)
PPT-602 Urban Pest Management 3(2+1)
PPT-604 Range and Forest Pest Management 3(2+1)
PPT-606 Scientific Writing and Presentation 2(1+1)
PPT-610 Internship / Project 4(0+4)