The Department of Plant Pathology has a long and distinguished history, due to its importance for increasing the healthy and qualitative agricultural produce. This discipline covers causes, symptoms, perpetuation, transmission and management of plant / crop diseases. The department was initially established as a main component of the King George-V, Agriculture Institute Sarkrand in 1939. With the up-gradation of the Institute to Agriculture College and its shifting to Tandojam, the department retained its vital role offering a B.Sc. (Agri.) Hons. degree in Plant Pathology. In addition, it has a very strong post graduate program offering M.Sc. (Agri.) Hons. and Ph.D. in plant pathology degrees programs. The identification and cultivation of edible mushrooms, multiplication of antagonistic and other biological control organisms is also a major research component of the department. Consequently graduates have excelled in various fields and made valuable contribution to the society. The department also offers free farmer advisory services to the farming community, organizes lectures, seminars, workshops and short courses for farmers, students, NGO’s, Agriculture extension and research workers. The Department is fully equipped with classrooms, laboratories and experimental field.


CODE Title of Course C. HRS
PP-302 Introduction to Plant Pathogens 3(2+1)
PP-401 Introductory Plant Pathology 3(2+1)
PP-501 Introduction to Plant Viruses 3(2+1)
PP-503 Introduction to Plant Prokaryotes 3(2+1)
PP-505 Introduction to Mycology 3(2+1)
PP-507 Introductory to Plant Parasitic Nematodes 3(2+1)
PP-509 Beneficial Microorganisms 3(2+1)
AHV-501 Animal Husbandry 3(2+1)
PP-502 Diseases of Field Crops 3(2+1)
PP-504 Plant Resistance to Diseases 3(2+1)
PP-506 Diseases of Vegetable Crops 3(2+1)
PP-508 Soil-borne Pathogens & their Management 3(2+1)
STAT-514 Biostatistics 3(2+1)
PP-601 Diseases of Fruits and Ornamentals 3(2+1)
PP-603 Seed and Post-harvest Pathology 3(2+1)
PP-605 Plant Disease Epidemiology 3(2+1)
PP-607 Plant Disease Management 3(2+1)
PP-611 General Plant Pathology (for Non-Major) 3(2+1)
PP-602 Pesticides, their Action and Application 3(2+1)
PP-604 Methods and Research Techniques in Plant Pathology 3(2+1)
PP-606 Abiotic Diseases of Plants 2(1+1)
PP-610 Internship/Project 4(0+4)