Biotechnology relies on the application of scientific and engineering principles to process the materials by biological agents producing goods and services for mankind. There are many applications of Biotechnology in the field of industrial sector, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food, energy, environment etc.

Department of Biotechnology was established in 1992-93 with a vision to make an impact through research, technology based training and innovation. The department offers, graduate and post-graduate courses in biotechnology. It also offers two introductory courses of biotechnology to under graduate students of other faculties of the university. In addition to academic program the department has laboratories for tissue culture, molecular biology/genetic engineering to contribute in the national food security.

The research activities in the department of Biotechnology are wide ranging, reflecting the diversity of modern biotechnology. The major research areas include plant genomics, alternate energy, industrial biotechnology, functional genomic etc. Faculty members are fully committed to train graduates that are absorbed in different research and professional organizations.


To impart quality education, research, innovation and technology based training.

To promote and strengthen the area of agricultural biotechnology

To develop and apply the basic knowledge of biotechnology for efficient management of environmentally sound and liberal agriculture.

To expand interaction among agriculture, medicine, environment, fisheries, food processing, renewable energy fuels, etc. which are the common denominators of cells and products derived from them.

Muharram Ali Ph.D. (China) Associate Professor & Chairman
G. Sughra Mangrio Ph.D. (University of Sindh) Associate Professor
Shahla Baloch Ph.D. (China) Associate Professor

BIOTECH-501 Biochemistry-I 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-503 Molecular Biology-I 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-505 Microbiology 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-507 Cell Biology 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-509 Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation 3(2+1)
STAT-511 Elementary Statistics 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-502 Biochemistry-II 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-504 Molecular Biology-II 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-506 Immunology 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-508 Cell & Tissue Culture 3(2+1)
CP-510 General Biochemistry 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-601 Bioinformatics 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-603 Recombinant DNA Technology 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-605 Microbial Biotechnology 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-607 Skills and Research Methodology for Biotechnologists 3(3+0)
SUPT-611 Supporting Course 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-602 Metabolamics, Proteomics & Genomics 2(2+0))
BIOTECH-604 Principle of Biochemical Engineering 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-606 Environmental Biotechnology 3(2+1)
BIOTECH-610 Internship and Report Writing 4(0+4)