Any group of students not less than 20 and not more than 60 or the number as may be fixed by the Hostel Provost depending on a particular situation in the hostel, who may wish to run their mess shall obtain prior permission on prescribed form from the Provost through the Warden of the hostel and intimate the name of the manager, who shall be one of the resident students of hostel.

The manager shall produce the list of the residents, who will be catered in his / her mess along with full identification, which will be subject to official scrutiny through appropriate agencies. Provost / Deputy Provost may refuse to allow any person to work on staff or any mess without assigning any reason.

The manager shall on his personal responsibility certify that the cooks and other staff members engaged in the mess are of good character and are not criminals, history convicts, assigned to him/her or acquired or engaged by him on account of any political association or affiliations

If at any time the certificate given by a manager is found incorrect, the manager shall be liable to disciplinary action as a hostel resident as well as a student at the University. Students who may not join the mess can have their meals in the hostel canteen only. Any student found cooking meals in the rooms shall be liable for disciplinary action.