The Crop Physiology includes various aspects of the plant lifestyle and survival including: metabolism, water relations, mineral nutrition, development, movement, irritability, organization, growth and transport processes. The close link of physiology with biochemistry has made more extensive use of physicochemical methods enabling scientists to conduct research at the cellular, sub cellular and molecular levels and obtain fundamentally new data on the mechanisms regulating the entire complex of life processes and way in which they function as integral systems. Initially (1987), the department was named as Plant Physiology & Biochemistry and established through a Bilateral Link Program between University of Wales, Bangor UK and Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam. Under this project, twelve teachers of this department have obtained Ph.D. degrees and Post-Doctorate trainings from UK. Later, the department was renamed as Crop Physiology in 2010. The department was established in a way to produce skilled and trained persons for the production of sustainable agriculture. The department offers B.Sc. (Agri.) Hons; M.Sc. (Agri.) Hons and Ph.D. degrees in Crop Physiology.


The department focuses on the advancement and documentation of the frontiers of plant sciences and applicable disciplines to improve the quality and quantity of plants and their products, including food, feed, fuel, and fiber production. Objectives are:

Impart quality education at under graduate & post graduate level in crop physiology.

Discover, formulate and demonstrate new principles of crop improvement and soil-crop management so that Pakistan’s agriculture is socially viable, economically profitable for the farmer and competitive on world markets.

Identify agriculturally useful genes in wild or little-used plant species and develop techniques to use those genes to enhance the nutritional quality and stress tolerance.

Qamaruddin Chachar Ph.D. (UK) Professor & Chairman
M. Ibrahim Keerio Ph.D. (UK) Professor
Irfana Parveen Bhatti M.Sc. (Hons) Assistant Professor
Shanila Yasmeen Chang M.Sc. (Hons) Assistant Professor
M. Ashraf Mirjat M.Sc. (Hons) Assistant Professor
Mehar-un-Nisa Narejo Ph.D. (Malaysia) Assistant Professor

CP-501 Crop Physiology-I 3 (2+1)
CP-503 Environmental Physiology 3 (2+1)
CP-505 Physiology of Crop Yield-I 3 (2+1)
CP-507 Nucleic Acid & Protein Synthesis 3 (2+1)
CP-509 Plant Cell Structure & Functions 3 (2+1)
STAT-511 Elementary Statistics 3 (2+1)
CP-502 Crop Physiology-II 3 (2+1)
CP-504 Seed Physiology 3 (2+1)
CP-506 Physiology of Crop Yield-II 3 (2+1)
CP-508 Physiology of Crop Nutrition 3 (2+1)
CP-510 General Biochemistry 3 (2+1)
CP-601 Physiology & Biochemistry of Plant Growth Substances 3 (2+1)
CP-603 Physiology of Growth & Development 3 (2+1)
CP-605 Physiology of Drought 3 (2+1)
CP-607 Plants and Water 3 (2+1)
SUPT-611 Supporting Course 3 (2+1)
CP-602 Analytical Biochemistry 2 (2+0)
CP-604 Biological Nitrogen Fixation 3 (2+1)
CP-606 Crop Ecology 3 (2+1)
CP-610 Internship and Report Writing 4 (0+4)