Department of Veterinary Parasitology aims to achieve excellence in both research and teaching in the field of Parasitology. Our goal is to discover and implement novel strategies to control parasitic diseases that affect the health of millions of animals worldwide. We employ cutting-edge research in genomics, cell biology, immunology, epidemiology, entomology and biochemistry to discover new ways to combat parasitic disease. Through our teaching and training programs, we aim to educate and mentor the next generation of Parasitologists.
The Department of Veterinary Parasitology is staffed by an outstanding team of scientists at faculty, striving to contribute in veterinary health by teaching and research. The Department has a distinguished history in parasitic disease research, particularly on tick-transmitted diseases. It has been a national leader in both research and training of veterinary parasitologists from the Pakistan as well as overseas. The Department contributes in awarding DVM, M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees. Besides, it also offers short trainings in diagnostics of parasitic diseases.
The Department of Parasitology has been renovated by developing a state-of-art Molecular Parasitology Laboratory equipped with most-modern equipment required for cutting edge research. The department in future plans to create an infra-structure which includes the creation of a computer lab for epidemiologic research, bioinformatics and genomics laboratories.

PARA-201 Introduction to Parasitology and Veterinary Protozoology 3(2+1)
PARA-202 Veterinary Helminthology 4(3+1)
FAC-202 Fisheries & Aquaculture 3(2+1)
PARA-301 Veterinary Entomology 4(3+1)
Micro/Para 402 Laboratory & Zoo Animals Welfare & Management 1(0+1)
LM/PHYS / PARA / SURG 501 Biodiversity and Hazards Management 3(3+0)