Mission Statement

The focus of ITC is to offer advanced and updated technology training needed for strong base with clear understanding of the key subjects required for opening ways in adopting a number of professions in the field of IT, depending upon one’s aptitude during training and promoting independence in learning. The specific objectives are to:

Offer a modern IT education system and market oriented syllabus, a unique academic environment that prepares students to become   successful professionals in a modern world dominated by IT. Bring meaningful, productive IT education, ensuring that every student receives the due right, accessible and affordable IT education and required talent. Provide a qualified, caring and dedicated IT faculty who are committed to serve the community by providing quality education of an international standard. The Centre has six air conditioned and well equipped computer laboratories with latest computer hardware and software facilities, including audio-visual equipments and teaching aids.  There is also an air conditioned electronics lab to conduct the related practicals. This lab is fully equipped with analog and digital trainers, micro-processor trainers and other relevant equipment.

The Centre has internet facility for the teachers and the taught. In addition, the Centre has multimedia projectors, televisions, digital cameras, digital microscope, scanners, color printers, laser jet printers and dot matrix printers, with all supporting licensed software. Students of final year are assigned projects of their interest to undertake studies and develop software as per the requirement of the degree and the market. Project Lab, established in an air-conditioned room fully equipped with latest computers and software, is available for final year students to complete their projects. There is a capacity of 8 students to work at a time on 8 individual final year projects for the fulfillment of BSIT (Hons) degree program.

In addition to above academic facilities, digital library facility is also provided to the faculty as well as students with the assistance of Higher Education Commission under the Program for Enhancement of Research Information (PERI). Postgraduate students and researchers of Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam have access to thousands of online research journals and other research publications. With this facility, the faculty members and researchers of the Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam can access over 11,000 latest research journals and other research material through university network. In order to access the online journals using Internet, a high bandwidth Internet connection of 16 MB is provided by HEC through Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN).

Furthermore, the most sophisticated and advanced Video Conference Room is established at Information Technology Centre with the assistance of Higher Education Commission to facilitate students and faculty to communicate at local, national and international levels for the purpose of education and information dissemination with a capacity of more than 60 persons. The ITC offers 4-year (8 terms) degree program to award Bachelor of Science Honors in Information Technology BSIT Hons and MIST.