Name Qualification Designation Detailed Profile Email
Dr. Mir Sajjad Hussain Talpur Ph.D. (China) Associate Professor and Director ITC. Profile [email protected]
Dr. Mubina Pathan Ph.D. (Malaysia) Associate Professor Profile [email protected]
Dr. Mukhtiar Memon Ph.D. (Austria) Associate Professor Profile [email protected]
Dr. Pinial Khan Butt Ph.D. (China) Associate Professor Profile [email protected]
Engr. Erum Saba Qureshi ME (MUET) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Engr. Kavita Tabasum Ph.D (Electronics Engineering) Assistant Professor Profile [email protected]
Ms. Suhni Abbasi Ph.D. (CS) (Computer Science). Isra University, Hyderabad, Pakistan. Assistant Professor Profile [email protected]
Engr. Irfan Ali Shahani ME (MAJU) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Engr. Muhammad Faheem Ishtiaque ME (KU) Lecturer (Study Leave)
Dr. Zulfikar Ahmed Maher Ph.D (Malaysia) Lecturer [email protected]
Engr. Saima Shaikh MSIT (SAU) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Ms. Farah Naveen Essani MSIT (SAU) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Ms. Saima Tunio M.Phil (Isra University, Hyderabad) Lecturer (Study Leave) [email protected]
Dr. Muhammad Yaquoob Koondhar Ph.D. (Malaysia) Lecturer Profile [email protected]
Mr. Muhammad Bukhash Soomro MBA (University of Sindh, Jamshoro) Lecturer [email protected]
Mr. Toufique Ahmed Nizamani MSIT (SAU) Lecturer
Mr. Noor Nabi Dahri MSIT (SAU) Lecturer  Profile [email protected]