Existing Degree programs offered at ITC

The ITC offers a four-year BSIT (Hons.) degree program which focused on practical applications of technology and information systems to support organizations while adding value to their products and offerings. Graduates of the program have strong knowledge and abilities required to effectively utilize IT tools and for designing and managing IT-based systems. The course’s strong practical emphasis prepares graduates for employment working with information and IT in a variety of areas in business, government, and industry, both locally and globally. Furthermore, by pursuing higher education, students may broaden and deepen their expertise.

The MSIT (Hons.) program is a two-year self-finance program aiming to develop academics and professionals with research excellence. The program’s goal is to create a nurturing atmosphere for young professionals to develop crucial and deeper insight into cutting-edge research methodologies and processes. The course work is designed to give in-depth understanding of fundamental IT, while specialized courses allow students to gain advanced skills in their chosen area of specialization. Two tracks for specializations are provided to the students for completing their research work: Software Engineering and Information Systems Track and Communication Systems and Networking Track.