Name of studentRegd. No.Major SupervisorTitlePassing Year
Engr. Muhammad Uris MirjatPhD-2k13-ID-27Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurPerformance and Evaluation of Irrigation System Operation through Institutional Reforms in Sindh: Case Study of Mirpurkhas Sub-Division2021
Engr. Shamim Ara MemonPhD-2k16-ID-09Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhSimulating future water demand and grain yield of wheat under changing climatic conditions of Sindh Province2021
Engr. Amber Sanam Laghari2k16-ID-16Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhPerformance Evaluation of Irrigation Systems Operating Under Participatory irrigation management2021
Engr. Shoaib Ahmed Memon2k16-ID-23Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurEffect of different saline water qualities on soil properties and yield of potato crop2021
Engr. Waleed Sayed2k16-ID-75Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurEffect of conjunctive irrigation on soil properties and yield of potato crop2021
Engr. Ali Murad Dahri2k17-ID-46Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhSimulating design variables of furrow irrigation for maximizing irrigation efficiencies2021
Engr. Nazim Hussain Sahito2k17-ID-53Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurAssessment the characteristic of an aquifer and modeling of well efficiency by using Jacob’s model in the Mehrabpur district Noushahro feroz2021
Engr. Muhammad Umar Shaikh2k17-ID-94Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhEstimating soil texture using satellite data and geo statistical technique2021
Engr. Imran Hussain Memon2k18-ID-14Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurAssessing impact of lining of secondary channels on water use efficiency of command area2021
Engr. Mir Moazam Ali Talpur2k18-ID-18Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurEffect of different Irrigation Regimes and Planting Geometries on Yield and Water Productivity of Tomato Crop2021
Engr. Adnan Ahmed Memon2k18-ID-11Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhEstimating soil moisture content using synthetic radar aperture data2021
Engr. Zulfiqar Ali Chachar2k19-ID-34Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurFabrication and installation of Automatic water level recorder through global system for mobile (GSM)2021
Engr. Muhammad Ali Kapri2k19-ID-29Dr. Rajesh Kumar SutharEffects of different mulching technologies on root development and crop water productivity of grain maize2021
Engr. Hyder Ali Khaskheli2k19-ID-27Dr. Rajesh Kumar SutharMulch effect on soil moisture dynamic, water loss and plant growth in the climatic conditions of Sindh”. 2021.2021
Engr. Kousar Ali Mangi2k15-ID-30Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhEffect of outlets on water and silt distribution to tertiary channels2020
Engr. Samraz Khan2k15-ID-36Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhEvaluating predicting accuracy of mass transfer-based reference evapotranspiration functions2020
Engr. Taimoor Najeeb2k15-ID-39Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhAssessment of Radiation-based methods for estimating reference evapotranspiration2020
Engr. Abdullah Baloch2k16-ID-26Dr. Muhammad Uris MirjatDetermination of aquifer characteristics and study of hydrodynamic and hydro salinity behavior using skimming tube wells under administrative boundary of Tando Allahyar-ii distributary.2020
Engr. Shifa Iqbal2k16-ID-47Dr. Muhammad Uris MirjatAssessment of the aquifer characteristics and impact of ground water use on livelihood of farming community: case study of Tando Allahyar – ii distributary command area.2020
Engr. Nazir Ahmed Bhurghari2k16-ID-42Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurDemarcation of fresh ground water in Muhammad khan distributary command and impact of ground water use on socio-ecconomics irrigated agriculture farming community2020
Engr. Nazir Ahmed Khoso2k16-ID-43Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhImproving water holding capacity of desert soil using byproduct of China clay2020
Engr. Tarique Aziz Kapri2k16-ID-49Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhInvestigating relationship between water salinity and wetted zone dimensions under single source of emission.2020
Engr. Dalip Ahmed2k17-ID-49Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurPerformance evaluation of three karezes of tehsil Turbat district kech Balochistan2020
Engr. Nabi Bux2k17-ID-52Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurQuantification of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical transportation to the groundwater in lysimeter2020
Engr. Arif Hussain Bhutto2k17-ID-48Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhAssessing accuracy of remotely sensed satellite data-based vegetation indices in determining crop coefficients for wheat crop2020
Engr. Asadullah2k14-ID-17Dr. Muhammad Uris MirjatEffect of various soil moisture regimes in presence of shallow ground water table on wheat crop.2019
Engr. Shahar yar Hassan2k15-ID-38Dr. Mashooque AliAssessment of suspended sediment in different types of lined and unlined watercourses2019
Eng. Muhammad Jameel2k16-ID-38Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhEvaluating salinity-based indices and interpolation techniques suitability for assessing salinity: A case study of Taluka Sanghar2019
Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Aqlani2k16-ID-52Dr. Irfan Ahmed ShaikhPredicting efficiency of one-point irrigation advanced based infiltration functions under continuous inflow regime for furrow irrigation. 2019
Engr. Ayaz Faqeer2k19-ID-24Dr. Mashooque Ali TalpurEffect of different irrigation scheduling on growth and water productivity of wheat crop2021