S #Course Code  Course TitleCredit hrsTheoryPractical
1st and 2nd Semester B.E
 ID-108Soil Mechanics (Th)030201
 ID-205Engineering Hydrology (Th)030201
 ID-206Fluid Mechanics (Th)030201
 ID-305Open Channel Hydraulics (Th)030201
 ID-306Pumps and Tube wells (Th)030201
 ID-403Irrigation Engineering (Th)030201
 ID-402Drainage Engineering (Th)030201
  Fluid Mechanics (Th) offered in IFST020101
1st and 2nd Semester M.E                                                 
1.ID-701Design of Hydraulic Structure03030
2.ID-702Open Channel Hydraulics03030
3.ID-703Agricultural Drainage03030
4.ID-704Design of Pressurized Irrigation System03030
5.ID-705Applied Hydrology (optional)03030
6.ID-706Sediment Transport and Control (optional)03030
1st and 2nd Semester PhD
 ID-711Irrigation Scheduling330
 ID-712Lab and field techniques in soil and water330
 ID-713Flood Estimation and Control330
 ID-714Advanced Hydrology330
 ID-715 (Minor)Hydrometry (Optional) 330
 ID-716 (Minor)Surface water Modeling330
 ID-717Special Problem110
 ID-718Seminar on Current Topic110