S#DegreeName of studentTitle of Thesis/ResearchYearMain Supervisor
1M.EMuhammad Yaqoob 2K14-WM-32Evaluation of different irrigation methods on water saving, growth and yield of Cotton crop under semi-arid climate2016Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
2M.EShakeel Ahmed 2K20-WM-13Effect of different irrigation water regimes on water productivity of Wheat crop.2021Abdul Saboor Soomro
3M.EAsif Ali Tagar 2K16-WM-60Effect of plastic mulching on crop water productivity and yield of Ridge gourd2019Abdul Saboor Soomro
4M.EZain ul Abidin 2K17-WM-89Assessment of Farm water use efficiency at Kot Ghullam Muhammad Minor in the command area of Nara Canal2021Dr. Munir Ahmed Mangrio
5M.EFaiza Ahmed 2K19-WM-53Calibration and Evaluation of Empirical Models for Evapo-transpiration under climatic conditions of Tandojam, Sindh.2020Dr. Munir Ahmed Mangrio
6M.EAdnan Vighio 2K17-WM-69 A technical and economic analysis of Cotton crop cultivated on raised beds and conventional irrigation methods2020Dr. Munir Ahmed Mangrio
7M.EAsif Ali 2K16-WM-61Estimation of Crop Area and Water Requirement of Wheat Crop in Distt: Tando Muhammad Khan using Satelite Data2018Dr. Munir Ahmed Mangrio
8M.EShazad Hussain DahriSimulating design variables for furrow irrigation for maximizing irrigation efficiencies2018Dr. Munir Ahmed Mangrio
9M.EKhushal Das 2K15-WM-51Simulating the moment of cations and anions in vadose zone at different soil depths through physical model2017Dr. Assadullah Sarki
10   M.EAbdul Latif Noohpoto 2K14-WM-29Water Saving and Yield assessment of Wheat crop under different irrigation methods2017Dr. Assadullah Sarki
11M.EMuhammad Ahmed Madani 2K11-WM-183Assessment of soil and tube well water quality for crop production in vicinity of Union Council Tando Qaiser, Hyderabad2015Dr. Assadullah Sarki
12M.EFaisal Khan 2K13-WM-44Investigating relationship between water quality and soil physio-chemical characteristics2017Dr. Assadullah Sarki
13M.EAzhar Ali Laghari 2K10-WM-355Effect of different shapes of pitchers on soil water distribution, plant yield and crop water productivity2017Dr. Ashifa Soomro
15M.EKashif Ali Abro 2K13-WM-49Effect of conjunctive use of Waste Water and ground water on cluster bean crop and soil properties2016Dr. Ashifa Soomro
16M.EAamir Lund 2K20-WM-001Assessment of soil nutrients and soil moisture storage capacity with organic amendments in salt affected are of Kaccho (District Dadu)2022Shoukat Ali Soomro
17M. ESana Iftakhar 2K19-WM-56Evaluation of climatic change for agricultural water requirements in district Hyderabad2022Shoukat Ali Soomro
18M.EShahzad Zahoor 2K17-AE-85Effect of biochar, biosolid compost and leaching water on the reclamation of saline sodic soil. 2021Shoukat Ali Soomro
19M.EShoaib Ahmed 2K17-WM-79Management of saline water use for okra crop under furrow irrigation method2020Shoukat Ali Soomro
20M.EKomal Qasim 2K17-WM-76Effect of saline and non-saline water on Okra crop Production2020Shoukat Ali Soomro
21M.EKamran Aziz Bhayo 2K15-WM-48Effect of different irrigation intervals on water saving, crop water productivity and yield of cluster bean crop under raised bed and conventional furrow irrigation method2020Shoukat Ali Soomro
22M.EAamir Mukhtiar 2K15-WM-44Irrigation water management at farm level affecting farmers’ life and agriculture products at some selected water courses of Lateef minor District Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan2020Shoukat Ali Soomro
23M.EAbdul Saleem 2K16-WM-56Performance evaluation of cylindrical pitchers made with different soil textures.2019Shoukat Ali Soomro
24M.EJazib  Jakhrani  2K16-WM-63Assessment of water holding capacity and fertility of different soils using different organic amendments2019Shoukat Ali Soomro
25M.EImran Shah 2K15-WM-48To determine the effect of saline sodic soil amended by different levels and gypsum, on spinach production under pot irrigation method 2019Shoukat Ali Soomro
26M.ENaeem Abbas 2K15-WM-53Performance evaluation of porous capsul and drip irrigation method over raised bed furrow irrigation method for growing Bitter Gourd2017Shoukat Ali Soomro
27M.ENowsherwan 2K14-WM-35Assessment of negative effects on soil chemical properties using chemical fertilizers2017Shoukat Ali Soomro
28M.EYawar Nasir 2K13-WM-58Effect of gypsum and leaching water on the reclamation of saline sodic soil2018Shoukat Ali Soomro
29M.EUmair Lakhair 2K13-WM-57Effect of salinity stress on growth and yield of Soybean under furrow irrigation method2019Shoukat Ali Soomro
30M.EAman Gul 2K14-WM-30Effect of different organic amendment on Physico-chemical properties of saline sodic soil2017Shoukat Ali Soomro
19M.E.Bhagat Kanwar RamApplication of Remote sensing and GIG in wheat cropped area estimation and crop water requirements at district Umerkot2016Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
20M. E.Naseer Ahmed AbbasiEstimation of Area Under Major Crops and Corresponding Irrigation Requirements in District Tando Allahyar Using Field, Historical and Satellite Data2015Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
21M. E.KhadimullahEffect of size of the raised bed in bed-furrow irrigation on crop water productivity and yield2014Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
22M. E.Muhammad Sohail MemonEffect of plastic mulching on crop water productivity and crop yield under furrow and alternate furrow irrigation methods2014Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
23M. E.Kausar AliUse of plastic sheet for in furrow irrigation method for efficient use of water2014Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
24M. E.Faisal MehmoodDetermination of hydraulic properties of soils using numerical models2013Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
25M. E.Shoukat Ali SoomroEffect of saline water on soil properties and yield of bottle gourd using the pitcher irrigation method2013Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
26M. E.Abdul Sattar MashoriEvaluation of the performance of the Alternate Furrow Irrigation under climatic conditions of Sindh2013Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
27M. E.Waqar Ahmed BhayoWater saving and crop yield under pitcher and wick irrigation methods2013Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
28M. E.Ms. Kiran ZaheerDetermination of the effect of hydraulic conductivity and size of the pitcher on the radius of soil wetting zone2007Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
29M. E.Wali Muhammad DaudpotoEvaluation of groundwater quality in district Tando Muhammad Khan2007Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal
31M. EAhmed Ali TagarEffect of water quality and methods of water application on the leaching efficiency of a saline soil2006Dr. Altaf Ali Siyal

Under Progress

S#DegreeName of studentTitle of Thesis/ResearchYearSupervisor
1M.EFaraz H. Rind 2K20-WM-004Differentiate the yield of Onion Crop under different water management practices2022Shoukat Ali Soomro
2M.EGulsher Ali 2K19-WM-54Assessment of soil and groundwater suitability for crops in Rural Hyderabad2021Shoukat Ali Soomro
3M.ESarfraz Nawaz 2K19-WM-57Efficacy of different watercourse lining in Hyderabad Region, Sindh2021Shoukat Ali Soomro
4M.EMir Murtaza 2K17-WM-77Evaluation of different infiltration models for saline and non-saline soils2020Shoukat Ali Soomro
5M.EHub Ali Wagan 2K17-WM-73Evaluation of efficient bed size and irrigation interval for growing balsam pear2020Shoukat Ali Soomro