Department of Land and Water Management

Soil and Water are the key natural resources for the sustainability of flora and fauna and environmental system. But unfortunately, they are being used unwisely resulting in threat to the sustainability of agriculture and the environment. So far, in Pakistan enormous sums of money are spent on the planning, design, construction and maintenance of farm irrigation systems but many failed to meet the planned agricultural and social objectives. It has now been recognized that one of the main reasons for this is the lack of human resources with the proper technical and managerial skills needed to install, operate and manage the schemes successfully. Keeping in view the importance of technical education in Land and Water Resources Management, Department of Land and Water Management was established in December 1985 in the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering in order to produce graduates with technical expertise in the management of land and water resources. This department offers postgraduate degree programs of M.E and Ph.D in Land and Water Management.

The department imparts quality education to the students through wide range of subjects and researches in order to enhance the productivity of land and water resources so as to meet future demands of food and fiber. In addition, the department also provides trainings and advisory service to the farming community of the country. The department plays a leading role in imparting quality education in the field of soil and water conservation and management. The mission of the department is to produce highly motivated and talented professional engineers with expertise in the field of soil and water resources conservation and management.

The department has well equipped lab with latest equipment used for land surveying and leveling, soil and water testing, and watercourse design and construction. In the last year, the department of Land and Water Management produced 6 postgraduade students who completed their M.E degrees.



LWM-311 Surveying and Leveling 3(1+2)
LWM-312 Farm Irrigation Systems 3(2+1)
LWM-501 Soil Physics 3(2+1)
LWM-508 Saline Sodic and Waterlogged Soils 3(2+1)
LWM-607 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering 3(2+1)
LWM-606 Water Management Practices 3(2+1)
AE-612 Project Report and Seminar 2(1+1)