Department of Irrigation and Drainage

The reliable water supplies for irrigated agriculture are instrumental to feed the growing population in the developing countries including Pakistan. However, they are declining with each passing day; hence their efficient utilization and management is crucial for sustainable agriculture. The water resource, irrigation and drainage engineers are educated and trained to recognize the complex problems related to the planning, designing and utilizing the available water resources. This is only possible through better water application methods, conservation techniques, and water management practices. The government of Pakistan has been putting efforts to ensure water supplies for irrigated agriculture, industry and domestic purposes. During past 65 years, several mega projects were launched in the fields of irrigation, drainage and water resources engineering. Keeping in view the complexity of the water related problems, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage was established in 1977 under the umbrella of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering to produce young engineers and scientists in this field. Since then, it has remained as one of the foremost departments of the faculty. The department is actively involved in teaching and research activities at undergraduate levels. It contributes more than 30% of the courses in a composite graduate degree program. This department offers postgraduate degree programs of M.E and Ph.D in irrigation and drainage.

The department works for the refinement of vision and skills of graduate and postgraduate professionals with distinction in the field of irrigation, drainage, soil and water resources engineering. Our aim is to produce young, generous, highly motivated and talented professional engineers, who uphold and advance for the integrity, honor, dignity and development of their profession. They should understand the future water demands and offer better solutions using their skills and knowledge.

The department of irrigation and drainage is enriched with a well-qualified faculty who always strive to provide cutting-edge research opportunities that will place graduates at the forefront of new developments in engineering. The adequate class rooms, established computer lab, well equipped soil, water and hydraulic engineering labs and departmental library provide conducive environment for learning. There is an experimental station to demonstrate and conduct field experiments located at the Latif Farm. A weather station is also installed at the station. In the last year, the department of irrigation and drainage produced 6 postgraduade students who completed their M.E degrees.



ID-307 Engineering Hydrology 3(2+1)
ID-411 Soil Mechanics 3(2+1)
ID-402 Fluid Mechanics 3(2+1)
ID-507 Hydraulic Machinery 3(2+1)
ID-506 Pumps and Tube wells 3(2+1)
ID-605 Irrigation Engineering 3(2+1)
ID-604 Drainage Engineering 3(2+1)
AE-612 Project Report and Seminar 2(1+1)

Dept. Irrigation and Drainage