S. NO Department  Program  Title Image
1 Agriultural Education,  Extension & Short Courses M.Sc Study of wheat produtcion practices as perceived by farmers in taluka Mirpur Mathelo, district Ghotki Download/View
2 Horticulture M.Sc Effect of stock leaf and mode retention on graftage of mango (Mangifera indica L.) Download/View
3 Agricultural Economics  M.Sc Economic analysis of rice production and determine profitablity in Nasirabad, district Balochistan  Download/View
4 Agricultural Economics   M.Sc Economic analysis of rice production in tehsil Dera Allah Yar Jafarabad District Balochistan Download/View
5 Energy & Environment M.E Testing of brick kiln ash for improving physico-chemical properties of sandy soil Download/View
6 Information Technology Centre MS-IT Smart logistic services in agriculture through web and smartphone application Download/View
7 Animal Nutrition  M.Phil Effect of feeding different levels of Jatropha meal on growth performance, liver function and kidney of broiler  Download/View
8 Agriultural Education,  Extension & Short Courses M.Sc Study of  markeeting problems faced by chilli growers in Kunri district Umerkot Download/View
9 Agriultural Education,  Extension & Short Courses  M.Sc Study of impact of agricultural finance on production  technology of wheat in tulka and district Tando Allahyar Download/View
10 Agriultural Education,  Extension & Short Courses M.Sc Farmers perceptions about the effectiveness of public and private agricultural advisory services in taluka Daur, district Shaheed Benazirabad Download/View
11 Animal Products Technology  M.Phil Study on physic-chemical attributes of duck meat. Download/View
12 Soil Science  M.Sc Soil and plant Potassium (K) status of onion (Alium cepa L.) farms in district Tando Allahyar Download/View
13 MSIT MS Implementation of the Photo Album Management System based on the Deep Learning Techniques 13.jpeg
14 Soil Science  M.Sc Chillies (Capsicum annum L) growth response to diverse banana waste compost . 14.jpeg
15 Veterinary Microbiology M.Phil A study on Mycoplasma mastitis in buffaloes of Balochistan 15.jpeg
16 Veterinary Microbiology M.Phill Prevalence and antibiogram of Clostridium perfringens in
small ruminants of District Kalat, Balochistan
17 Soil Science M.Sc Effect of macronutrients on growth and yield of soybean
(Glycine max L.) under field condition
18 Soil Science M.Sc Effect of macronutrients nutrition on sunflower (Helianthus
annus L.) growth, yield and oil traits under field condition
19 Agriultural Education,  Extension & Short Courses M.Sc Farmers perceptions regarding post harvest losses of apple
in tehsil Gulistan district Qilla Abdullah
20 Poultry Husbandry M.Phill Influence of Acacia nilotica, Prosopis juliflora and Pongamia
 Pinnata on production of quail
21 Poultry Husbandry M.Phill Influence of essential oils spplementation on production of
Salmonella challenged  broiler
22 Agronomy M.Sc Integrated effect of foliar and soil applied NPK on the growth
 and yield of wheat varieties
23 Energy & Environment M.E  Composite briquettes of banana and rice husk residue as an
 alternative fuel energy
24 Surgery and Obstetrics M.Phill Combined effect of Ketamine with Diazepam and Ketamine
with Midazolam for neutering in a dog model
25 Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry M.Phill Studies on hematological values as infuenced by breed, sex
and age of indigenous sheep breeds of Sindh
26 Soil Science M.Sc Mulching effects on phosphorus management in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) 26.jpeg
27 Agricultural Economic M.Sc Economic analysis of native chicken produced in district Larkana, Sindh 27.jpeg
28 Plant Breading and Genetics M.Sc Performance of selected Bt cotton genotypes based on their genetic diversity in national coordinated varietal trial (NCVT) 28.jpeg
29 Rural Sociology M.Sc Perception of rural people regarding corruption: A case study of Sindh province 29.jpeg
30 Animal Product Technology M.Phill Quality of raw milk retailed at various marketing channels in vicinity of Tandojam city 30.jpeg
31 Agronomy M.Sc Efficacy of different weedicides on the growth and yield of wheat variety Sindhu 31.jpeg
32 Veterinary Microbiology M.Phill Prevalence of contagious caprine Pleuropneumonia and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in ruminants at Sanghar city and surrounding area 32.jpeg
33 Agronomy M.Sc Effect of water stress on growth and yield of wheat(Triticum aestivum L). 33.jpeg
34 Agronomy M.Sc Response of mustard (Brassica juncea L.) varieties to different nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) levels 34.jpeg
35 Poultry Husbandry M.Phill Comparative study on meat quality of various chicken breeds under intensive housing system 35.jpeg
36 Entomology M.Sc Surveillance of Spodoptera frugiperda and its damage on growth stages of maize 36.jpeg
37 Surgery And Obstetrics M.Phill Repairing of Achilles tendon by comparison of grasping technique with four strand-core suturing technique in dog model 37.jpeg
38 Irrigation and Drainage M.E Effect of different saline water qualities on soil properties and yield of potato crop 38.jpeg
39 Irrigation and Drainage M.E Effect of conjunctive irrigation on soil properties and yield of potato crop(Solanum tuberosum) 39.jpeg
40 Entomology M.Sc Effect of host plants on larval duration and growth index of Spodoptera frugiperda J.E. Smith (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) 40.jpeg
41 Entomology M.Sc Influence of adult diet on oviposition of Spodoptera frugiperda J.E. Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) 41.jpeg
42 Soil Science M.Sc Essential micronutrient elements status of a selected mango orchard at Hyderabad 42.jpeg
43 Surgery And Obstetrics M.Phill Comparative study on the use of vicryl, chromic catgut and monocryl for stomach wound healing in a rabbit model 43.jpeg
44 Land And Water Management M.E Impact of different soil moisture depletion levels on water saving yield and soil salinity under raised bed planting system 44.jpeg
45 Land and Water Management M.E Effect of different water quality and irrigation methods on wheat crop under the climatic conditions of Khairpur 45.jpeg
46 Land and Water Management M.E Water use efficiency of wheat crop cultivated on raised bed under irrigation scheduling at different soil moisture depletion levels 46.jpeg
47 Veterinary Pharmacology M.Phill Antibacterial efficacy of pure aloe vera and its methanol extract against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli isolated from broiler meat 47.jpeg
48 Veterinary Pharmacology M.Phill In vitro comparative antibacterial activity of essential oils and antibiotics against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus isolated from otitis externa infection in dogs. 48.jpeg
49 Animal Nutrition M.phill Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and serum metabolites of broiler chicken supplemented with various levels of jatropha meal 49.jpeg
50 Irrigation and Drainage M.E Simulating border irrigation design configuration for optimum irrigation efficiencies 50.jpeg