Department of Agronomy

Department of Agronomy is engaged in developing trained human resource base in crop production, conduct basic and applied research in various aspects of field crop production and soil management under varying agro-ecological and socio-economic conditions of the farming community. The maximum research articles duly published in well reputed national and international journals and 10 important agricultural books including a scientific dictionary on agriculture. The department has completed 4 research projects.


The department is organized and implemented in a manner which enables learners to acquire and develop competencies in crop production management, crop research and research dissemination and entrepreneurial skills through learning activities and experiences that are based on real agriculture problems with following specific objectives:

Disseminate knowledge and skills to students and those involved in crop production.

Identify technical and socio-economic issue areas constraining farm productivity and find solutions to overcome these problems.

Develop strategies through trainings and demonstrations to promote sound agricultural practices among local farmers for reducing the risk of crop failures and farmer vulnerability.

Job Opportunities

Seed, fertilizer, pesticide companies, CDAs, banks, public and private sectors, NGOs, government departments, etc.

Dr. Aijaz Ahmed SoomroPh.D. (China)Professor & Chairman
Dr. Mahmooda BuriroPh.D. (SAU)Associate Professor
Dr. Muhammad Nawaz KandhroPh.D. (SAU)Associate Professor
Dr. Qamaruddin JogiPh.D. (China)Associate Professor
Mr. Pir Ahmed Naqi ShahPh.D. (SAU)Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Ali AnsariM.Sc. (Agri.) HonsAssistant Professor
Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman MemonM.Sc. (Agri.) HonsAssistant Professor
Dr. Ghulam Mustafa LeghariPh.D. (SAU)Associate Professor
Dr. Bakht-un-Nisa ManganPh.D. (China)Assistant Professor

AGR-501Arid Zone Agriculture3(2+1)
AGR-503Agro-Technology of Major Crops3(2+1)
AGR-505Field Crop Physiology3(2+1)
AGR-507Water Management in Rainfed Area3(2+1)
AGR-509Seed Production Technology3(2+1)
STAT-511Elementary Statistics3(2+1)
AGR-502Farm Record Maintenance3(2+1)
AGR-504Principles of Weed Science3(2+1)
AGR-506Plant Nutrients and Growth Regulators3(2+1)
AGR-508Medicinal and Special Crops3(2+1)
CP-510General Biochemistry3(2+1)
AGR 601Research and Scientific Writing3(2+1)
AGR-603Irrigation Agronomy3(2+1)
AGR-605Forage and Fodder Production3(2+1)
AGR-607Crop Management under Stressful Environments3(2+1)
SUPT-611Environment and Crop Production3(2+1)
AGR-602Agro Ecology2(2+0)
AGR-604Conservation Agronomy3(2+1)
AGR-606Organic Farming3(2+1)
AGR-610Internship and Report Writing4(0+4)