S. NoReg. NoStudents NameME Thesis TitleYearMajor Supervisor
12K13-FS-04Ajeet KumarEffect of hot water treatments and storage periods on the quality of different banana varieties2018Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto
22K14-FS-08Abid Ali AbroEffect of postharvest techniques, storage conditions and duration on the quality and shelf life of mango fruit2018Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto
32K14-FS-09Ejaz AhmedEffect of storage methods, storage periods and bulb size on quality of stored onion2018Dr. Shakeel Hussain Chattha
42k15-FS-14Ali HassanExperimental on drying of red chilies in solar and open sun drying methods2019Dr. Shakeel Hussain Chattha
52k15-FS-17Sadam HussainDesign, construction and performance testing of a solar dryer for drying maize cobs 2019Dr. Shakeel Hussain Chattha
62K16-FS-57Abdullah VeesarStudy design perspective of existing dairy sheds and their impact on physical behavior of dairy buffaloes2020Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Khan
72K17-FS-01Abdullah SoomroEvaluation of various empirical relations for the prediction of drying charctristics of paddy rice using fluidized bed dryers2020Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Khan
82K17-FS-23Ainul Abad ShahDesigning and fabricating hydroponic model for spinach crop2020Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Khan
92K17-FS-27Rifaqat AliEvaluation of physico-mechanical properties of wheat varieties in Sindh Pakistan2020Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Khan
102K18-FS-27Mir MuhammadEffects of fly-ash and expanded polystyrene particles on physico–mechanical properties of lightweight concreteOn goingDr. Shakeel Hussain Chattha
112K19-FS-14Babar MustafaEffect of different processing conditions on quality attributes of parboiled rice.On goingDr. Shakeel Ahmed Soomro
122K19-FS-15Muhammad SalmanStudy of postharvest treatment and storage of tomato fruits.On goingDr. Shakeel Hussain Chattha
132K19-FS-16Mubashar HassanPostharvest treatments and their effect on quality and storability of carrot.On goingDr. Shakeel Hussain Chattha
142K19-FS-18Muhammad UmerEffect of storage structures and period on quality attributes of wheat.On goingDr. Shakeel Ahmed Soomro
152K20-FS-02Irfan AliEffects of storage methods and storage period on shelf life of radish root.On goingDr. Shakeel Ahmed Soomro
162K20-FS-04Manwar MengwarPerformance of evaluation of various low-cost onion structures and their effect on its qualityOn goingEngr. Zaheer Ahmed Khan
S. NoReg. No.Students NamePhD Thesis TitleMajor SupervisorYear
1PhD-2K16-FS-11Zaheer Ahmed KhanDevelopment of storage structures and assessment of their influence on quality of wheat grains  Dr. Khalil Ahmed IbupotoOn going