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Standard Operating Procedures

Zakat and Ushr-Needs Based Scholarship Program
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Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Concerned Office Dealing Scholarships at the University Level
1.3 Scholarship Management Committee
1.4 Advertisement / Media Campaign

2. Eligibility Criteria for Availing the Scholarship

3. Scholarship Award Framework
3.1 Scholarship Transfer Framework
3.2 Stipend Transfer Framework
3.3 Waiting List Students
3.4 Scholarship Continuation & Payments

4. Alumni Record




1.1 Background

Pursuing the special orders passed by Honourble High Court of Sindh circuit Hyderabad on C.P. No. D3651/ of 2016 and communicated through Secretariat of Governor of Sindh, Governor House, Karachi vide No. GS/1-2/2017 (SO-HE) 70 dated: 07.02.2017; Competent Authority of Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam constituted a committee vide letter No. 786/(DIT (Admission) / 218 / of 2017 dated: 03.03.2017 to develop and recommend complete mechanism and guidelines for assistance on the account of Zakat to deserving candidates. Keeping in view scholarship programs offered by other organizations, mechanism and guidelines for assistance on the account of Zakat to deserving candidates have been developed and provided hereunder.

1.2 Concerned Office Dealing Scholarships at the University Level


Students Financial Assistance Office (SFAO) working under the Directorate of University Advancement and Financial Assistance shall be concerned office to deal all the matter of Zakat and Ushr Need Based Scholarships viz. advertisements of scholarships, developing databases of candidates, scrutiny of the application forms and develop eligibility list, communicating with Zakat and Ushr offices at district, divisional and provincial level, convening meetings of the concerned Scholarship Management Committees (SMC) at the university level and dealing with students. However, Directorate of Finance shall deal all the financial matters viz. receiving and depositing bank cheques and distributing scholarship amount among deserving candidates/ applicants already identified/ proposed by the concerned committees.

1.3 Scholarship Management Committee


The SMC shall include the following members:

Dean of the concerned faculty

Coordinator of the concerned faculty

One senior faculty member of the concerned faculty

External Member (Representative of the Zakat Council).

1.4 Advertisement / Media Campaign


Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam has provided a significant space on its university website highlighting zakat and ushr based scholarships for deserving students of the university. Concerned web page shall be updated with the latest guidelines. Besides, relevant information shall be provided in prospectus every year. In addition to these, concerned information shall be advertised through electronic and print media through Personal Relation Office (PRO) of the university.

2. Eligibility Criteria for Availing the Scholarship

I. Financial assistance & scholarships shall be available for study at undergraduate & graduate level in all disciplines.

II. Students should have valid admission in Undergraduate (4 Years) / Graduate (2 Years) programs.

III. The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined & assessed by the Scholarship Management Committee (SMC) keeping in view the financial background of the family of the applicant and subsequently approved by SMC.

IV. The number of graduate and undergraduate (G&UG) slots will be decided by the universities and subsequently approved by SMC, but more weightage will be given to the UG slots.

V. Funding for G & UG slots will continue for full program and eventually the scholarship slot will be replaced by new students. In case of any drop out, students in the waiting list will be awarded this scholarship as per merit.

VI. Disciplines will be kept open. University will decide to include or exclude any discipline keeping in view its grant, program cost, and number of allocated slots etc.

VII. In case of DVM (five year program) funding will be made for complete five years.

VIII. Every student will be paid Rs 6000 stipend per month for the complete program as well as the actual tuition fee depends upon amount of scholarships offered by Zakar and Ushr Committee/Department.


3. Scholarship Award Framework

The deserving students will deposit the complete scholarship application form at the Students Financial Assistance Office (SFAO), established under Directorate of University Advancement and Financial Assistance (UA&FA). The details of the candidates will be compiled by the SFAO in the evaluation sheet. After completion, the data sheet will be forwarded to the members of Scholarship Management Committee (SMC).

The SMC will make its recommendations on the basis of total family income, total number of dependents, education expenditures, market value of the assets and income versus expenditure assessment of the candidate’s family and its ability to pay the educational expenditures. The students will be interviewed by SMC and Vice Chancellor or his representative to ensure the authenticity of the information and to cross check the data provided. Based on the review of data, interview of the candidates and, if required, interview with the parents and physical verification of the data.

3.1 Scholarship Transfer Framework

Zakat and Ushr Committee/department will remit scholarship funds to the university.The University / Institution should adjust the tuition fee on semester basis, and transfer the stipend Rs. 6000/- per month per students (or any other amount as fixed by the donor) on the six monthly basis.

3.2 Stipend Transfer Framework

I. Students are required to open their account at the bank branch of the university.

II. Provision of undertaking by the selected student to the institution for the following:“That the information provided by him/her in availing scholarship is correct .In case of provision of false information, the admission will be cancelled and any remitted amount will to be refunded.”

III. Certificate by the university that the student is not availing any other scholarship from national or international agency.

IV. Transfer of student stipend to student accounts will be on six monthly basis.

V. Detailed Funds Utilization Report (FUR) needs to be furnished by the University to Zakat and Ushr committee/department on sixth monthly basis.

VI. The scholarship will be continued after the completion of a semester only if the progress of the scholarship holder is satisfactory as communicated by the Student Financial Assistance Office who will use the semester result of the students for determining the satisfactory progress. Also in case of any serious misconduct, the scholarship will be withheld / discontinued.

VII. Consolidated record of students’ stipend paid to the students and Tuition Fee adjusted need to be provided by the University (on sixth monthly basis).

3.3. Waiting List Students

In case a student is dropped out due to any reason and his/her admission is cancelled by the institution, the Students Financial Assistant Office (SFAO) may recommend award of scholarship to the waiting list students subject to the following conditions:

I. The institution has candidates name included in the waiting list approved by SMC.

II. The academic performance of the waiting list student(s) is satisfactory and students are eligible for promotion to next term / semester.

III. To award the scholarship to the waiting list student(s), the SFAO will forward the relevant case details to Zakat and Ushr Committee/Department for concurrence & formal approval.


3.4 Scholarship Continuation & Payments

Zakat and Ushr Committee/Department will remit scholarship funds to the university / institution. The University shall adjust the tuition fee and transfer the stipend to the students as per guidelines i.e. students stipend on the Six monthly basis and tuition fee on semester basis. The following documents are required on six monthly basis from institutions to Zakat and Ushr Committee/Department.

Academic performance of the selected students with remarks of the focal person of Financial Assistance Office. The academic performance should include the details like current semester / term / quarter grade i.e. GPA / CGPA / percentage etc. The report is to be submitted on the prescribed template.

The following narrations may be used for remarks:

Promoted & Recommended for next scholarship installment

Not Promoted & Not Recommended

Fail / Dropped out & Not Recommended

Recommendation Letter is needed through which the university clearly indicates the name, session and semester of the candidate eligible for further scholarship installment.
Submission of Fund Utilization Report duly verified by the Resident Auditor and the focal person needs to be submitted by the institution on six monthly basis. This will be the prerequisite for the release of the next installment.


4. Alumni Record

The university is required to provide with a comprehensive “Students Alumni Form” & “Questionnaire”. Each scholar needs to fill up the forms at university & submit a copy to the Students Financial Assistance Office within the university. This is required to help the university as well as the Zakat and Ushr Committee/Department to keep a track record of the students’ achievements/progress after completion of their studies.

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