Nigerian delegate visited Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam



HYDERABAD (PRESS RELEASE) A Nigerian delegate visited Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam to share experience on capacity building for development of Anti Snake Venom locally at Nigeria. Headed by Prof Shehu Riskuwa a team visited Experimental Animal Faculty and Molecular Laboratory at SAU Tandojam and discussed collaboration parameters aimed at ASV development in Nigeria.


Professor Shehu Riskuwa, the former Vice Chancellor of Sokoto University Nigeria during visit of SAU Tandojam Pakistan met the SAU Prof. DR. Mujeeb Sahrai Vice Chancellor, to appreciate the efforts for producing ASV for Pakistan, and now for extending the cooperation for capacity building of Nigerian universities. Dr. Achor Muhammad a Pharmacy scientist from Nigeria also accompanied Prof. Riskuwa during this visit.


Under a joint research project, SAU Tandojam Pakistan together with Peoples University of Medical and Health Science Nawabshah and Sindh University Jamshoro will be working on capacity building of some Nigerian universities so as they can produce ASV locally at Nigeria.


SAU Vice Chancellor expressed that Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam would encourage collaboration between Nigerian and Pakistani Universities aimed at development of ASV.

During meeting experts informed that there is drastic shortage of ASV in entire African sub Sahara since last many decades and thousands of people are dying every year in almost 58 countries of African continent. Nigeria being the most populous country is having the highest number of snakebites cases in Africa.

Experts told that that Anti snake venom has been developed with technical contribution of three universities including SAU Tandojam where experimental animal facility paved the avenue to develop baseline data that made proposed a reality.


Dr Naeem ul Haque Qureshi, Project Director Anti snake Vaccine Project Govt. of Sindh, Dr Mohammad Bux Bhurgri, from University of Sindh, Dr Allah Bux Ghanghro and Dr A G Arijo, Expert from Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam were present during discussion




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